Ribbons and handles  for food packaging

Our History

Founded in the early fifties for the Artisan Processing of Cardboard And Similar, hence the name "LACEA", has been dedicated for several years to the production of discs for cakes and cardboard trays for pastry and in general food packaging. Subsequently, it expanded its business to include the sale of packaging materials and the weaving of ribbons.

Over the years, the production of ribbons has grown to become an important part of the company's production.

Handles  and laces for panettoni

At the end of the sixties it was transformed into Nastrificio LACEA S.n.c. it began the production of the first handles cut with plastic terminals for the boxes of Panettoni and Colombe, becoming the supplier of the biggest names in Italian bakery confectionery such as Paluani, Bauli, Motta.

In the early nineties the company was transformed into Nastrificio LACEA S.r.l., expanding its production site and its product range, dedicating itself to other types of ribbons but also constantly improving the quality of its handles.

In the yeartwo thousand and ten began a process of innovation, which led to the development of new types of handles, more refined and with the highest technical qualities, suitable for use in boxes of champagne, spirits, fine wines, shoppers, gift boxes, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, confectionery of value.

Handles for shoppers

Our Values

Safety, Quality, Efficiency

These three simple words represent for us the values in which we believe and for which the whole company is oriented.

  • The first value is the Safety and security, because all our work is always done respecting the highest safety standards both in terms of anti accidents, of environmental regulations than commercial practices.
  • The second value is the Quality, that for us is translates into full respect of the quality standards (technical characteristics, tolerances etc.) established for each product together with ours customers.
  • Last value is the Efficiency, intended as a relentless search for the continual improvement and the correct use of available resources without ever failing the first two core values.