For Us, corporate Social Responsibility is a very important aspect as it is strongly linked to our corporate values of Safety, Quality and Efficiency. On this page you can therefore find some of the initiatives we have taken in order to create not only economic value, but also environmental and social value.

Certified ribbons and handles for paper converting Handles made with recycled materials

Product Sustainability

The yarns we use to make our ribbons are all FSC certified (if of cellulosic origin) or can be requested in Recycled R-PET (if of synthetic origin).

All our plastic terminals are already made for about half of their weight from industrial plastic waste recycled from previous processing. Nothing is thrown away, as all production waste is returned to industrial reclaimers for future reuse. Our handles are also recoverable in the separate collection of plastic.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Since 2010 our production plant is equipped with a photovoltaic system capable of supporting the energy needs for its air conditioning. In 2019, following a major renovation, our building was certified in energy class A, allowing a significant reduction in overall energy requirements.

Starting from 2023, an additional photovoltaic system is also operativae and capable of making us, in certain time slots, totally autonomous regarding to production energy needs.


Sports Sponsorships

From 2013 we support important initiatives related to amateur sport including the Italian Alternative Energies "Green Hybrid Cup", with cars powered by LPG and electricity, and the Italian Gran Turismo Championship. In both championships the teams supported by us have made us proud, always reaching top positions.

Non Profit

Non Profit

Since 2014 we are directly involved in the fight against cancer by supporting L'Arco Onlus through the event "Gran Galà Di Natale" in favour of the hospital of Cremona. Over the years this event has allowed the construction of an oncology department and the "Women's Area" with the aim of providing the best technologies to support doctors. More information and detailed numbers can be found at